La Plata

Discover Buenos Aires’ Capital

The city of diagonals

Founded in 1882, La Plata is one of the most modern cities of Buenos Aires’ province.

Also known as the “City of diagonals”, the capital of Buenos Aires was designed following an urbanistic plan with wide streets and avenues that lead to different centric parks.

La Plata is popular for its vibrant cultural life,offering a number of theaters, art galleries, museums and libraries to enjoy.

Being the host of many shows/concerts, sports and cultural events, La Plata welcomes thousands of tourists all year long.

As Buenos Aires’ capital, this city also hosts a lot of congresses, workshops and events that promote “MICE Tourism”. Also, a few Professional Associations are located in La Plata, filling its business agenda.

What to do in La Plata?

Tourist and cultural center, in La Plata there is a great variety of activities to do while visiting the city.

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Museum of La Plata

This is one of the most important museums in the country, holding a wide collection of natural sciences, including fossils, minerals and natural history objects. Retelling history from the Earth’s creation until the origins of the human being, the Museum of La Plata is visited by both national and international tourists.

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La Plaza Moreno

One of the characteristic points of the city is Plaza Moreno, a wide park surrounded by governmental and cultural buildings. In the surrounding area you can find the Palacio de los Deportes and Teatro Argentino.

The capital city is distinguished by its urbanistic design, developed around its most important parks. In La Plata there’s a lot of parks and green spaces where you can enjoy a picnic, sports, hikes and more.

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Universidad Nacional de La Plata

It’s one of the most important and influential universities of Argentina. The National University of La Plata attracts students from all around the country and abroad. Also, it’s known for its studies/investigations/research in natural and social sciences.

Quail and aligned with the capital city, this University has a broad campus to visit.

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Catedral de La Plata

One of the most important cathedrals of America and one of the biggest churches of the world. La Plata’s Cathedral has a neo gothic style and a lot of impressive architectural details, like its twin towers, rosettes, stained glass and accent details.

Besides being a religious space, the cathedral is also an important touristic and cultural place of the city that attracts visitors from all over the world.